Polonus 2015 - Final Awards Ceremony

The Pole of the Year Contest was once again held in the Netherlands on 21 November 2015.  

The event was organised by the Polonus Foundation along with Polish Embassy. One of the main sponsors of the event was Otto Work Force, a recruitment agency well-known in the Netherlands and in Europe.

A special thanks is extended to the director of Otto Work Force, Frank Van Gool, whose presence made the awards ceremony even more splendid.

Candidates were nominated for awards in the following categories:

-    Business – won by Ewa Kowalska
-    Culture – won by Piotr Jasiurkowski
-    Technology and Science – won by Kasia Czabanowska
-    Young Successful Pole – won by Kasia Karpinska
-    Honourable Polonus – won by Wim Willems
-    Audience Award – won by Monika Maczka

This year, the Audience Award was won by Ms Monika Maczka, who received the majority of the public votes and beat 32 other nominees. Monika felt very comfortable on the stage when accepting the prize and entertained everyone with her speech; especially when she took the microphone herself.  She received a warm welcome while on stage which proves her popularity and demonstrates why she won the award. Monika also received congratulations from the Dutch Prime Minister.
All of the guests had a wonderful time at the after party, thanks to DJ Nikusia.

A special congratulations and thanks goes to the sponsors and organisers of the contest.

Everyone is already looking forward to the Awards Ceremony in 2016.

Julita Palinska

in Cooperation with Ewa Wyrebiak Skobiej

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