Beauty queen, woman, mother and business lady!
Julia is 31 years old, married to her high school sweetheart and together they have 3 beautiful children. They live in The Hague, in The Netherlands.

In addition to a busy household, Julia also has an active professional life: she has her own accounting firm in The Hague. She is proficient in 5 languages, which helps her attract a lot of international clients.

Julia knows how busy the life of a working mom is, yet her slogan is:
Women are strong!
She believes every woman should strive to reach her potential. She also wants to make a difference in society and therefore works with Stichting Wende organization, which provides shelter to women and children victims of domestic violence. Also she is following her own philosophy Go Green! Go Eco!. Her dream is every house to have solar panels, every car to be electric in a world where the electricity comes from solar panels or wind turbines.
She decided to participate in the Mrs Netherlands Universe2018 pageant to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and happiness. She is now the face and the ambassador of two fashion brands in The Hague La Robe Dresses and BIANA. Also her sponsors are Hairspa Magma The Hague, PBC Zoetermeer, PBG Zoetermeer, Olga Kyss photography, Fanviva Nails and lashes.

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